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Why Ceramic Coatings?

There Are Four Main Benefits of Getting Your Car Coated:

How Long Do Ceramic Coatings Last Vs Traditional Waxes?

Ceramic Coatings have the ability to last YEARS with only one initial application, and easy maintenance.
We offer a couple different coating packages based on how long you plan on keeping your vehicle:

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At DIRTY2DREAMY in Auburn, WA our ceramic and hydrophobic car coating installation experts have many years of experience. We have matched amazing customer service with amazing results on all ceramic coatings. Don’t spend another day with unprotected paint. Wax is a product of the past ceramic car coatings protect your car for years and add 10X more gloss.Our professional ceramic coatings keep your car cleaner much longer, increase the lifespan of your paint, & add an unreal gloss. Add a sacrificial layer before it’s too late.Get a Free Online Quote Today!

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New To Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic Coatings 101

No. Ceramic coatings are not the same as paint protection film (PPF). They will not prevent rock chips or severe scratches but coatings are great at preventing common elemental damage from adhering to and damaging your paint (such as bird droppings, sap, and dirt).

Carnauba wax was the traditional route for protection vehicles but it had it’s downsides: they often lasted anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months.

We now offer a liquid wax alternative called sealants for our basic washes.

Ceramic coatings are a liquid that is applied over the clear coat that last years and make wax application obsolete. The liquid adheres to the clear coat and adds a 9H or higher level of hardness.

Anywhere you want easier washing and maintenance!

Dirty2Dreamy offers coatings for paint, trim, headlights, windows, wheels, tires, calipers, brakes, and vehicle interior surfaces such as leather, plastic, vinyl, and carpeted surfaces.

A ceramic coating is a clear liquid that hardens to the surface of your vehicle’s exterior. You will not have a color-change after applying but it will help increase the gloss look of your paint.

Visually, you can tell your coating is doing what it should when water beads instead of sheets on the surface.

What is Ceramic Coating? Industry-grade ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect it from external paint damage. Typically applied by hand, it blends with the paint of your car and creates an additional hydrophobic layer of protection.

Installing a ceramic coating is an extremely tedious process. Below is a breakdown of how ceramic coatings are installed.

100% Hand Car Wash
Using PH neutral soap and a clean wash mitt and safe towel to dry.
Paint Decontamination by chemical followed by mechanical decon.
Labor intensive Machine Paint Correction
We must make your car’s paint as close to perfect as possible so that we don’t seal those defects under the coating.
Surface Cleansing Coating Prep
We apply an alcohol-based cleansing solution to give the coating a proper surface to bond too. Unlike wax coatings bond to your clear coat.
Tedious Panel by Panel Installation
We apply the coating panel-by-panel with an applicator and special soft towels to prevent damage.

Ceramic coatings come in all shapes and sizes, and can last from 6 months to a few years depending on how its installed, maintained, how it’s stored, and the environment that it’s in.
Ceramic coating services can range from $500 on the low end up to a few thousand dollars depending on the scope of the prep work, and the size and condition of the vehicle.
Ceramic coating is a liquid resin that when applied to the paint creates a thin film of sacrificial barrier that protects the paint from the elements.
Typically the best practices to maintain a ceramic coating would be to hand wash it with a pH neutral soap or with a waterless or rinseless wash with a proper technique. generally it is recommended not to use any brushes or abrasive sponges, and not to use automated car washes.
Ceramic coatings help amplify the gloss of the vehicle, protect from environmental stains and damage, help prevent UV fading and degradation of your clear coat, and also allow easy maintenance of your vehicle.